Dancin' with my Dad Contest for Will's Place

The other day I was sitting at my parent’s kitchen table going over wedding stuff with my mom. Jason and I had just gotten back from Aruba where we finalized a lot of the plans for our February wedding. My mom asked my dad if he knew what song he wanted to dance to for the Father/Daughter dance. This was his reaction:

He suggested “Wild One” by Jerry Lee Lewis or “Back that Azz Up” by Juvenile. He didn’t know who sang the latter one--he just knew he liked dancing to it.

My dad and I are close and a lot alike. Most of the sappy songs that are popular for the Father/Daughter dance describe how I feel about my dad and our relationship, but we both put up a very tough exterior so it would be extremely out of character and a little awkward to dance to “Butterfly Kisses” or “I Loved Her First.”

So, together we came up with a few song choices and thought we would have a little fun with it and raise some money for Will’s Place in the process. The only way I can convince my dad to do a choreographed dance is for him to know we are raising money for Will’s Place.

I knew wedding planning was going to be emotional when it came to planning things my brother should be involved in. My older brother, Matthew, and younger sister, Suzanne, are my bromaid and bridesmaid. I’ve ordered Will a boutonniere flower that he should be wearing and I suppose there will be an empty chair or place in the sand where he should be standing. Honestly, I haven’t decided because I don’t want to think about it.

What I do know is that our community needs Will’s Place. I also know that my dad and I have some pretty epic dance skills. So, please help us and vote for the song you think we should dance to!

Click here to see some of Rog's dance moves. 

Contest ends October 1, 2017. (Gotta give us time to practice!)

Click here to vote and listen to song choices. 100% of your donation goes to the construction cost for Will’s Place.

Will’s Place is located in Albemarle, NC. Our goal is to raise $800,000 (not just from dancing) to complete the 9,000 sq ft project and open it’s doors.

Will’s Place is a recovery resource center and sober living community, founded to honor the life of Will Hudson, who died of a Fentanyl overdose on April 22, 2012. Will’s Place Recovery House is designed to accommodate men who have been through primary treatment and are looking for a sober living environment as they progress in their recovery. Will’s Place also serves as a recovery resource center (located on the main floor) to everyone in the community who needs assistance in finding resources to get and stay sober. Will’s Place is a public charity 501(c)3.