our brother, will...

(left to right) Matt, Suzanne, Will, Allison

(left to right) Matt, Suzanne, Will, Allison

Will was born on June 10, 1982 in Albemarle, NC to Roger and Darlene Hudson. The third of four children, Will was a smart, sweet and likable kid who loved the game of baseball, playing from the time he was 6 years old until he graduated from Albemarle High School. After Will earned his BA in Business from College of Charleston in 2004, he returned to Albemarle to work for the family's company, Hudson Pool Distributors. 

Will's substance abuse history from beginning to end was 10 years short. He started drinking in college and became dependent on alcohol. He was also on prescription medications to help him deal with anxiety, sleeping problems, and ADD. When he started absuing those medications, he ended up abusing other prescription opiate medications. On April 22, 2012 Will accidentally overdosed on fentanyl and died. 

Will was a kind soul with an empathetic heart. One of his college friends said it perfectly..."To say Will would give you the shirt off his back would be cliche and a tad inaccurate, because Will would give you his shirt, jacket, hat and all the money he had in his wallet if you needed it. He didn't look for thanks or recognition for his kindness, he didn't need it--all he needed to know was that he just helped a friend in need. That was enough."

The great irony is that while Will was unable to admit he needed help with his addiction, we know he would want to be part of efforts to help others battle addiction. He would not want his family to hide his struggle. We know that Will would be proud that his family wants to be a beacon of light/hope in the Albemarle community for others who are struggling and play a role in educating others so that they will recognize and understand that addiction is a disease.